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Press Release Date 12/12/2004 - for more information contact 1-877-8-FIREFLY


Firefly Magic Firefly Lights Inventor Stephen Taylor Named "Lord of the Fireflies" in Pool and Spa News Magazine December 10, 2004 Issue. In the December 10, 2004 issue of Pool and Spa News magazine, writer Joshua Keim wrote an article titled, "Lord of the Fireflies" describing how the Firefly Magic firefly lights were invented by Stephen Taylor, President of Sigma Two Industries.

(PRWEB) December 12, 2004 -- Outlining how Taylor first conceived of creating realistic firefly lights that would exactly replicate Mother Nature's fireflies in the way they flash, flicker, and fade, Keim went on to detail Taylor's career crisis that became the catalyst for their invention. After Taylor was laid off from his position as director of international business development at Henkel Group, the economy faltered, and new job prospects dried up. It was at this point Taylor began earnestly working on his firefly light idea, including filing patents on Firefly Magic firefly lights.

Smiling as he read the article, Taylor commented, "Joshua did a great job of recounting the story of how Fire Magic Firefly Lights went from my initial inspiration on a warm summer evening in the mid-90's to the current success they are having across the country." Taylor added, "Firefly Magic Firefly Lights are truly a unique and creative product that people fall in love with immediately. After all, who doesn't love to sit and watch fireflies flicker, flash, fade and glow as sun sets on a warm evening?"

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About Firefly Magic Firefly Lights:
In 1996, Sigma Two Industries began development on a low voltage lighting product that would accurately replicate the flashing, flickering, fading, color, and size of real fireflies. Since then, the product line has evolved with transformer powered, battery powered, and solar powered electronic fireflies controlled by high technology microchips.

About Sigma Two Industries:
Founded in 1979, Sigma Two Industries has specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of low voltage lighting and communication systems for both commercial and residential locations. Sigma Two is also a licensed California contractor (493574) specializing in low voltage systems. "Specialty Lighting for Special Results"

Pool & Spa News magazine, "The Voice of the Industry for 43 Years" is published by Hanley-Wood, LLC - Editor Erika Taylor - http://www.poolspanews.com

The name "Firefly Magic" is a Trademark of Sigma Two Industries http://www.sigmatwoindustries.com.

"Specialty Lighting for Special Results"

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