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Fireflies On Demand


(Apple Valley, California) – Thanks to a new, innovative and patented product, the excitement and fun of flashing and flickering fireflies or lightning bugs can be enjoyed virtually anywhere, and at anytime.

It’s truly a product that will bring back enjoyable childhood memories for many grownups, not to mention creating great new memories for both kids and adults alike. Firefly Magic Firefly Lights use a new and novel technology that makes their ‘Fireflies’ randomly flash on, flicker, and then fade off just like Mother Nature's real fireflies.

These unique ‘Fireflies’ or ‘Lightning Bugs’ operate on renewable solar energy, but can also be used in no-sun locations by installing two regular AA batteries. They’re designed to be easily placed in bushes, trees, and backyard landscape with each little ‘Firefly’ on its own individual wire and can cover an area from 13 to 24 feet wide.

The idea to accurately recreate the unique flashing of fireflies came to inventor Stephen Taylor while sitting by a lake in north Texas. As he watched the fireflies emerge, flashing their evening welcome, he decided to create a product that would accurately mimic the look and feel of real fireflies for those children who have never seen them. “Think about the millions of kids, and even adults, who live in the western United States and have never seen a real firefly or lightning bug,” says Taylor. “That means they’re missing out on one of nature’s greatest wonders.”

Many homeowners purchase Firefly Magic Firefly Lights to add that something special to their yards and gardens. The entertainment lighting product can bring fun and enjoyment to any occasion while entertaining family, friends, and guests. Or, the product can just be enjoyed as real fireflies are, by sitting quietly and watching their amazing flashing, flickering and fading.

Firefly Magic Firefly Lights are the exact color and size of the Photinus firefly, the most predominant species in the US. So accurate, they’re used in zoos, nature centers, museums, and theme parks to recreate the look of real fireflies, and have also been used in university field research to fool the real fireflies.


Firefly Magic Firefly Lights have a variety of models and sizes starting at $59.99.


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