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Press Release Date 6/1/2005 - for more information contact 1-877-8-FIREFLY


Hundreds of Fireflies Swarm the Landmark Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Planning on visiting Las Vegas in the next few months? Be sure to stop by the Bellagio Hotel in the evening to witness hundreds of Fireflies come to life in the Conservatory, just off the Bellagio Hotel lobby.

(PRWEB)June 17, 2005 -- Planning on visiting Las Vegas in the next few months? Be sure to stop by the Bellagio Hotel in the evening to witness hundreds of fireflies come to life in the Conservatory, just off the Bellagio Hotel lobby.

"Are these fireflies real?" asked one guest while gazing with amazement at the flashing, flickering, and fading little fireflies.

Actually, they're Firefly Magic Firefly Lights (www.FireflyMagic.com) selected by Mr. Troy Eckerman, head of Chroma Designs, Inc. to enhance a forty-foot long, sixteen-foot high arched arbor covered with curly willow foliage, and the centerpiece of the most recent Bellagio Conservatory display.

"Firefly Magic electronic 'fireflies', with their unique patent pending microprocessor technology, were selected because they recreate the most realistic 'look and feel' of Mother Nature's real fireflies than any other product in the world."

At night, with the 'fireflies' flashing, the scene is reminiscent of a back woods bayou deep in the South. Sigma Two Industries created twenty-one custom High-Flash-Rate Firefly Magic Firefly Lights units which were installed along the top of the arched arbor. Each of the 300 individual 'firefly' wires, along with an independently controlled 'firefly' at the end of each one, stream down and through the arbor foliage.

Visitors to the display, which will remain in place through September, were mesmerized by the hundreds of tiny 'fireflies' flashing, flickering, and fading overhead. But Firefly Magic electronic Firefly Lights are not new to being showcased in public displays. They're also being used in theme parks, restaurants, on-stage, in movies, and at museums like the Natural Science Center of Greensboro in their popular 'Bug Discovery' exhibit.

Just how realistic are Firefly Magic Firefly Lights? Ask Dr. Sara Lewis, Associate Professor of Biology at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, a center for firefly research.

Dr. Lewis and her researchers are using Firefly Magic Firefly Lights in the field to 'lure-in' real fireflies for study. By using the unique patent pending microprocessor technology in Firefly Magic Firefly Lights, the specialized flash pattern of any of 2000 varieties of fireflies can be accurately programmed into these amazing electronic 'fireflies'.

However, the great majority of the Firefly Magic Firefly Lights customers are homeowners who want to bring 'fireflies' into their own backyards.

Stephen Taylor, President of Sigma Two Industries, read an e-mail from Marge Anderson, a customer in Minnesota, who wrote, "I border a bog area so I mounted the solar "lamp" on a tall pole, so it would receive sunlight as the cattails grow. I then strung the lights ('fireflies') and clipped them to the growing cattails so they could keep moving up and not be blocked by new growth. Well, last night, I had a very pleasant surprise. As I sat on the deck, watching the lights in the bog, I was amazed by the numbers. As it turned out, the Firefly lights had attracted many real fireflies. It was the most amazing sight. We have always had fireflies, but never in these numbers. Each night I plant myself on the deck to watch the dance that goes on. I am so amazed that the lights have attracted so many real fireflies. Just wanted to pass this on. Thanks for making such an innovative and quality product."

Taylor continued with a letter from Bob Sordahl of Kenmore, Washington who wrote, "I bought a set of (Firefly Magic) firefly lights and installed them for last night's patio party. They were a total hit. They fooled several guests who grew up in the mid-west, and honestly thought I had imported real fireflies into my garden. I only wish I had ordered 4 or 5 more sets because I could have sold them all in a heartbeat. Thanks for selling such a unique and fun product."

About Firefly Magic Firefly Lights:
In 1996, Sigma Two Industries began development on a low voltage lighting product that would accurately replicate the flashing, flickering, fading, color, and size of real fireflies. Since then, the product line has evolved with patent pending transformer powered, battery powered, and solar powered electronic fireflies controlled by high technology microchips.

About Sigma Two Industries:
Founded in 1979, Sigma Two Industries has specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of low voltage lighting and communication systems for both commercial and residential locations. Sigma Two is also a licensed California contractor (493574) specializing in low voltage systems.

"Specialty Lighting for Special Results"

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